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    HEXCHESS is a set of SIX exclusive 3D printable chess sets, added custom chess pieces, a checkers pieces set, and 3D printable modular chess boards (both in square and in hexagonal shapes) with added custom textured and wall tiles, so you can print and play not only the official Chess rules, but COUNTLESS CHESS VARIANTS and practice setups!

We have also included the MARTIAN add-on, which adds a new chess set and more textured tiles and checkers pieces to the game, allowing you to play the rare Martian Variant!



"Reinvent Chess on your own terms:

       you're no longer board-restricted!"

Sets, boards, tiles, addons...

Now that you can print your own custom board, don't forget to try out every Chess variant in the book: hexagonal, chasm (holes in the board, crossed only by leap moves), 10x10 infinite, smaller boards (great for kids!)  like demi-chess, microchess and silverman 4x4,  or even the gargantuan doublechess!

Thinking about more customization possibilities and the aesthetics of playing some variants with a hole in the board, we developed the wall tiles, impenetrable fortress walls that you can place anywhere in the board!

They make a specially beautiful board when played with the Fortress Borders, another extra model we included in the basekit! So many 3D printables!

Lost the

Don't worry, we've got you covered with our LATE PLEDGE!

Follow this link to discover all that was included in this project during the campaign: the bonus sets, the boards, the custom tiles, the textured tiles, the martian add-on and much more!

hexchess main5.jpg



An unique 8-piece chess set, the MARTIAN SET allows even more variants to be played!


You can still get this exclusive add-on and all that comes with it in our late pledge.  Checkers pieces, textured tiles, exclusive boards.. just follow the link below!

Hexchess 2

There will be a launch of a second HEXCHESS pack in the near future in KICKSTARTER, with more boards and more chess sets, and if you want to keep up-to-date, don't forget to subscribe to my mailing list!

Mailing List subscribers will not only receive a heads up on the project, but also an EXCLUSIVE PIECE!

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